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A good LinkedIn profile checklist

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Here is a list of rules to make your LinkedIn profile professional:


CriteriaMeet Specification
Overall, profile is professional, has no errors, and is easy to read and digestA custom URL has been createdSpelling and grammar are correct

Acronyms or language are likely to be known to recruiters or includes explanation

Does not include negative language

Language is correct and consistent: present tense for current duties, past tense for prior duties and accomplishments

Top Section

CriteriaMeet Specification
Profile picture is professionalProfile includes a clear picture of student’s face

Picture needs to look professional, but does not have to be a professional portrait
Headline is professionalHeadline uses only positive language (eg. not “seeking employment” which conveys a lack of employment)

Headline avoids use of slashes (ie: “data analyst/data scientist”)


CriteriaMeet Specification
Student has enough connections to show up in searchesHas over 50 connections
Student uses LinkedIn as a networking tool by joining relevant groupsIs a member of 2+ relevant groups to goal position/industry
Correct companies and educational institutions are correctly linkedEducational institutions and company pages are correctly linked


CriteriaMeet Specification
Summary is brief and memorableSummary briefly describes work experience, applicable knowledge, and builds a narrative

Written in first person

Stays professional throughout the entire narrative

Length is about 1-4 sentences


CriteriaMeet Specification
Includes 2-3 projects that demonstrate skillOnly most relevant projects are listed; can include personal, academic or work projects

Only includes about 2-3 projects

Projects have links leading to the code or the project itself
Bullet points are concise and focus on individual actions and project resultsMaximum 2-3 bullet points per project

At least 1 bullet point demonstrates individual contribution

At least 1 bullet point communicates project result (success metrics, findings)


CriteriaMeet Specification
Includes at least 1 work experienceExperiences note company/organization, title of role, start and end date (month & year), location

Includes unpaid or part-time work, if applicable, but omits the words “part-time” and “unpaid”
Bullet points are concise and focus on individual actions and results, and does not summarize job descriptionMaximum 3-4 bullet points

No sub-bullet points

Bullet points start with action verbs

Correct tense is used in bullet points: past tense for previous, current tense for ongoing

Within each job listing: At least 1 bullet point communicates how candidate benefited company or cause. At least 1 bullet point provides concrete, numerical evidence such as projects completed, money made, people managed, accomplishments (eg. % increase)

Bullet points are one sentence maximum, not longer than one and a half lines


CriteriaMeet Specification
Includes relevant education, such as but not limited to community college courses, online courses, bootcamps, etc.Education is listed in reverse chronological order


CriteriaMeet Specification
Skills listed are relevant to past experience and goal jobSkills listed can include both technical skills (ie: programming languages) and others, such as “project management”

Skills section should not include commonly-used technologies such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint

Skills section should not include common soft skills like “communication” or “attention to detail”

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